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Business Solutions

Financial Consolidation & Close

Financial consolidation and close processes are complex, time consuming and laden with risk. That’s why CRMT will help you implement Tagetik unified corporate performance management solution, which provides robust automation, process-driven workflow, stringent controls and detailed audit logs to modernize legacy approaches to financial consolidation.
Tagetik manages the complexity so you can accelerate the close and reporting process across all business entities.

You deserve four weekends not three.

Budgeting and Planning

If your annual budgeting and planning process is based on spreadsheets, dependent on IT, or based on technology older than the iPhone; you’re behind the 8-ball.

CRMT will help you implement the planning and budgeting processes with Tagetik, which gives you the ease of Excel, the flexibility of the cloud, and the power of built-in financial intelligence.
Get more from your planning process. Get Tagetik and CRMT.

FinRep & CoRep (Basel III)

Basel III compliance is here to stay and the requirements continue to evolve. Banking industry has to respond and adapt as the requirements change. You need to comply with confidence while optimizing asset allocation and minimizing risk.

European Banking Authority’s FinRep and CoRep reporting requirements are continue to demand greater disclosure from banks.
That’s why CRMT’s banking customers rely on Tagetik, meet existing compliance mandates, such as Basel III, and provided with the required financial and disclosure intelligence to produce FinRep and CoRep reports.

Tagetik provides all financial CPM capabilities within one solution and offers banking-specific intelligence that complieswith the regulatory mandates of today, such as FinRep and CoRep, and are prepared for those that will come in the future.

CRMT will bring the Tagetik financial intelligence to automate reporting requirements and optimize cash and asset allocation as guidelines change. It’s time to take control.

“Manage liquidity, don’t let liquidity manage your bank!”


CPM is more than spreadsheets and financial reports to make decisions and manage business performance. Rather, it is information orchestrated across business processes, combined with data from other systems, reviewed by contributors across the lines of business and then automatically routed with their comments and input to your desktop, your notebook, your tablet or other internal system.

CPM should unify disparate financial and operational processes in one automated platform. You don’t just get industry-specific capabilities, you also get process-driven financial intelligence that orchestrates your data – from multiple systems – across multiple business processes to deliver accurate information so you can make informed decisions.

Modern CPM streamlines budgeting & planning, cuts days off the close & consolidation cycle. You sprint through the last mile of finance when management reporting, analytics, and disclosure reporting is automated and from one single source.

That’s why you need Tagetik and CRMT.

Technology Solutions

Big Data Analytics

The amount of generated data and demand for interactive analysis can create big challenges in combining various data technologies into a single analytic solution. CRMT can help you make there by finding business opportunities and extract greater value from data to gain a better competitive advantage in a digital transformation era.

Big data strategy
Big data is not all about the data and technology. CRMT will support you with evaluation of your business needs and help you develop an effective big data strategy on how the business can and should use data.

Real time and batch analytics
Combining near real time data ingestion and batch analytics is challenging. With a combination of different technologies we try to bridge these two worlds into a solution that provides a common platform where fast data ingestion and real time analytics are met.

Analytic platform architecture
Big data analytics requires a scalable, fault-tolerant and integrated architecture that encapsulates different design approaches and technologies. Using open source and proprietary software we help you design, integrate and implement a unified platform that meets your objectives and needs.

Data modeling
We extend our broad datawarehouse modeling experiences to big data ecosystems to help you better understand data that previously could not be analysed together because of their volume, variety or limited ingestion capabilities.

Workflow management and orchestration
Workflow design and management are one of the key considerations while implementing a robust and reliable data platform. We help you manage and deliver clean and conformed data with standard ETL tools like Talend and Pentaho or other proprietary software.

Advanced analytics and self-service BI
Data driven companies needs powerful, intuitive and interactive tools to derive meaningful business value from their data as quickly as possible. In a wide variety of BI and data mining tools we help you select and implement the appropriate one for your visualization and business needs.

Data Integration
Business Intelligence
Advanced Analytics


Benefit from CRMT Extensive Knowledge Base

CRMT has extensive experience with a broad range of technologies and can help you implement best solution on any project.

CPM Solutions
  • Tagetik
Data Integration

CRMT implements data integration with broad range of modern data integration platforms as well as regular PL/SQL procedures including:

  • IBM Data Stage
  • Informatica
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Talend
  • Custom in-database procedures (Oracle, Postgres, Informix, MS SQL)
Project Management
  • Project Management is a key to make or break the project success. CRMT has a long history of very complex analytical and performance management project implementations. Let us help you prepare, monitor and control the projects to be on-time, on-budget, on-scope.

CRMT has a broad experence in joint projects where it subcontracting different services:

  • Project Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Corporate Performance Management

CRMT with experienced consultants can help you acheive results faster just in critical phases or through the complete life cycle of the project.

Big Data
  • Cassandra
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Web Services
High Performance Analytical Databases
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Oracle Exadata
  • Netezza
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics
  • Business Objects
  • MicroStrategy
  • Microsoft Power Pivot
  • Microsoft Report Services
  • RapidMiner
Data Sourcing

Welcome to the world of data sourcing. This is one of the activities in data warehousing that takes a lot of time. Based on many warehousing projects, CRMT experienced this as the most important thing in a data warehousing projects since if you don’t understand the source data/systems, then the model would not be correct, and the ETL specification would not be correct either. And data sourcing needs to be done early, since if we don’t have the data we can’t do anything!
CRMT will lead you through data sourcing to understand data, get expected data quality at required granularity.
CRMT can help you source data from:

  • Relational databases (Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, IBM Informix)
  • BigData (Hadoop, Cassandra)
  • Non-relational (Excel, Flat files, IMS, VSAM)
  • ERP Systems (Infor, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft AX,, SAP, Custom Systems)