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The term User will be used for all visitors to the CRMT Portal.

Statement of Acceptance

CRMT and related compaies, despite all efforts to estabilsh and maintain high standards of relationships with clients and partenrs, assume no responsibility for possible errors (due to time differences, errors in data entry or any other reason) in the content and accuracy of information published on the Portal. The content and information is intended for informative purposes and CRMT strongly advises that User checks the information with CRMT’s employees.
Any atempt of unauthorised change, deletion, damage, distortion, modification or otherwise causing permanent or temporary unusability of the content without prior written permission from CRMT, as well as any attempt at unauthorised access to content in CRMT’s information systems other than or bypassing the Portal is punishable and will be prosecuted.

Copyright, intellectual property and registered trade marks / brands

This Portal is the intellectual property of CRMT and related companies. All information, data, descriptions of products and services and other content available on the Portal (hereinafter Content) are protected by copyright. Users are not allowed to copy, modify, distribute, transfer, publish, display, resell, licence, remodel into other products or services or otherwise use the Content available on the Portal for commercial purposes.

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